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NepXpress going cashless from 13th April, 2020

NepXpress is adapting for Cashless transactions. Which will come into action from date 13th April, 2020. We have made an initial agreement with Fonepay for the digital transactions. With this we hope, we could provide better service to our customers.

We suggest all of our users/clients to use any of Digital payment methods for the transactions. This will enable recipients with the EPOD (Electronic Payment on Delivery) for the courier deliveries.

NepXpress presents SOMTU Ad Film Making competition Kicks off at School of Management Tribhuwan University.

NepXpress sponsored Ad-film making competition kicks off at Tribhuwan University School of Management hall last Friday with participants count 80. The masterclass event organized by SOMTU is the part of NepXpress collaboration with School of Management Tribhuwan University IT Club. An Ad-film making training session was led by Mr.Ragav Gautam, creative head at Ad-media. The training session was focused on the creative aspects of ad film making process from scripting to story boarding, editing and directing. Session had an active participation of 80 students at SOMTU. 

Participants are divided into group of 5 who will work on creative ad concepts. Submitted videos will undergo social media influence test for a week before the final competition dated 30th of March, 2020. More about event will be posted in NepXpress blog itself.  

How to Start Working with NepXpress?

NepXpress was mainly established to deliver e-commerce goods/services but as time passed, NepXpress expanded to deliver personal goods/services which can be a letter, invitation or any personal items. It has also added some other features which will be listed in this article. 

Using NepXpress as a user:
  1. Register your account to NepXpress register page or if you already have NepXpress account then Log in or, Download the app of NepXpress (Android Version)
  2. Fill up the given form and choose the best category which is appropriate to you.
  3. After you confirm your delivery, the system will track your loaction and the deliver process will further continue.

The delivery staffs of the company has their separate app from which they will get all the delivery information and if they are free then they can performs their work quickly. 

  • Express 1 hr delivery (within Ringroad KTM)

  • Domestic Delivery (All over Nepal 3-5 days)

  • International Shipping (within 3-7 working days)